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  • RingFight Promotions (RFP) has been operating independently since 2010, organizing high-quality kickboxing events. RFP is distinguished by its carefully curated line-ups, zero-alcohol policy, and strict avoidance of dubious sponsors from day one.
  • We began in 2010 with events attracting approximately 1,200 attendees. After three years, we grew to host events with around 6,600 attendees. 
  • This growth was achieved entirely on our own, without TV deals or extraordinary media power, but simply through excellent matchmaking and outstanding organization. 
  • We have also developed a strong network within various municipalities and police departments, earning a very good reputation as an organization.
  • In addition to our own talent scouting events, we have also collaborated before with Enfusion. Many fighters discovered or scouted by us, or who fought in our events, experienced significant career advancements.


    • 12 oktober 2024 – Jan Massinkhal Nijmegen – More Info Coming Soon